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Motherhood… Madness? 

Do you know that feeling you get when you first find out that you are pregnant? Or just the thoughts that comes to mind when thinking of wanting to have kids? For me, as well as most, it’s just joy and excitement. But as many of you know, there are a crazy amount of people going to be there to rain on your parade. 

“Parenting is hard work.”

“Get sleep now while you can!”

“Please tell me you are joking! Nothing is the same after you have kids.”

“You aren’t going to be able to do this or that anymore.”

Don’t get me wrong there is so much that comes along with becoming a new mother and bringing life into the world, but us women, especially those that are FTM’s (first time mothers) want comfort and hapiness! Parenting comes with a lifetime of ups and downs. If you ask me, even though my child is only soon to be two… there are more ups, more moments to be proud of, more priceless memories, the good just out weighs any and all down-side parenting may have.
In conclusion, parenting, motherhood, none of it is really madness like made out to be. Parenting is a joy that keeps giving. With some adjusting, down times that never out-weigh the good, and occasional fuss we find out what the true meaning of love is. Us mother’s get to have a friend for a life time. So, instead of leading people to believe in madness, let’s all spread word about how great it feels to be a mommy!